Marketing target and customer segmentation

Because every product corresponds to unique customers…

There is no success without quality prospecting file! Given the high level of qualification of our databases, the customer segmentation combinations are almost unlimited! Define your campaign objectives and we shall produce with you the date base best suited to your requirements.

Market segmentation

A market segment is a classification of potential private or corporate customers by one or more characteristics, in order to identify groups of customers, which have similar needs and demand similar products and/or services concerning the recognized qualities of these products, e.g. functionality, price, design, etc.

An ideal market segment meets all of the following criteria:

  • It is internally homogeneous (potential customers in the same segment prefer the same product qualities).
  • It responds similarly to a market stimulus.
  • It is externally heterogeneous (potential customers from different segments have basically different quality preferences).
  • It can be cost-efficiently reached by market intervention.

The term segmentation is also used when customers with identical product and/or service needs are divided up into groups so they can be charged different amounts for the services.

A customer is allocated to one market segment by the customer´s individual characteristics.

Types of market segmentation :

Socio-demographic segmentation of the market

The 7 basic criteria: civil status, age bracket, address, marital status, profession, socio-professional category, income - SPC.

Segmentation according to centres of interest

More than 57 effectivecentres of interest to best meet your requirements: animals, antiques, arts and culture, betting, books, business, charm, children, cinema, clothes, computing, cosmetics, decoration, DIY, economics, entertainment, esotericism, family, fashion, finance, food, games, gardening, gastronomy, gifts, goods, health, history, household, hygiene, insurance, leisure, magazines, motor vehicles, music, nature, photo-audio-video, press, property, shopping, sports, stock exchange, telephone and telecommunications, television, travel, wine, etc.

Customer behavioural segmentation

With our experts, you shall refine your selection still further, on the basis of the actual behaviour of targeted internet users: reactivity to certain types of campaign (opening, click-through, conversion), commercial behaviour (test offer, purchase, subscription), etc.

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