Email marketing campaign management

You don't have the expertise? We can handle your e-mail campaigns in full!

Make the most of our considerable expertise acquired over several thousand successful mail campaigns. Our consultants will advise on all stages of a campaign to ensure its success. You are taken in hand from start to finish.

1. Defining the strategy

The first phase is intended to determine your requirements and expectations, whether strategic, operational, qualitative or quantitative, in detail.

The targets are then selected for the optimum recruitment of potential partners. Identifying objectives correctly is 50% of a successful strategy.

2. Selection of email addresses

Precise targeting should be carried out according to the sector of activity, legal form, geographical area, the name of the company, its work force and turnover, etc.

We will then present the files best suited to your requirements.

3. Creation of messages and media

You have the possibility of sending your messages in various formats: text, HTML, rich media. With or without customisation of messages (name, content, etc.).

Your message should be attractive and user friendly. With our graphic designers, we can create the simplest or most complex messages. Consult some examples of creations.

4. Routing of email campaigns

Choose the time to send messages and contact up to 200,000 prospects in an hour, thanks to our powerful routing platforms.
A detailed planning schedule will be drawn up before the operation. It will take the various lead times (preparation of the campaign, testing, transmission, management of returns, etc.) and the calendar (school holidays, public holidays, etc.) into account.

5. Reporting of mail campaigns

It is important to measure the returns from a campaign. We provide a secure access for you to be able to monitor the progress of your campaign in real time.

Thanks to the statistics provided, you will be able to measure the return on investment of your campaign.