Quality Charter

EMB undertakes to respect the following rules laid down in its procedures, regulations and contracts:

1. Tailor made and customised

Right from our first contact, we deploy our expertise to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and concert them into an effective project or communications plan. This human relationship will continue until the completion of the project.

2. Commercial transparency and detailed estimate

Our offers and estimates are FREE, in accordance with our published general conditions and commercial policy. Following exchanges and discussions, a detailed estimate, setting out the various phases of the project, objectives in terms of quality, etc., is sent to you for approval. It describes our obligations and your guarantees, together with the financial terms. There are no traps or hidden costs. We offer 100% transparency.

3. Qualification and updating of databases

All the data in our databases are validated, tested and qualified, and authorisations are checked. These databases are maintained and updated on a daily basis, thus avoiding an important risk for you: over-exploitation.

4. Payment on results

Depending on the services provided, you only pay for the final result: no purchase or hire of addresses you already own, no billing of wrong addresses.

5. Advice, ease and comfort of use

The synergy between your services and ours may include assuming all responsibility for the development of marketing: relations with subcontractors, creation, various response messages, management of de-subscriptions, etc.

6. Traceability and reporting

Information technology enables us to know exactly who does what, when and how. As our customer in email-marketing, you receive detailed reports of campaigns: the number of messages sent, read rate, conversion rate, etc.

7. Confidentiality and security

Our data and development servers, together with our marketing platforms, are highly secure and subject to strict back-up and retrieval policies. There is no risk that the date gathered by or entrusted in us will fall into the wrong hands. Similarly, our staff is bound to the utmost professional secrecy.

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8. Law and ethics

Emarketing is highly regulated in Europe. Not only are we bound by the highest legal requirements (blacklists, de-subscription, etc.), but we also adhere to the strictest ethical standards.

The Email Marketing - Green Business Solution

Green email marketing is an environmentally and socially responsible solution, with email marketing templates that are easy to be used.

Saving resources, money, labor and incorporating strategies for environmental sustainability is being discovered by a growing number of individuals and corporate leaders.

We have built tools like online email marketing, newsletter by email, and emailing survey tools to strengthen the relationships with customers with the help of automated reporting of tracking and communications.

Green business professionals find effective email newsletters still more important.