Routing and tracking of mail campaign

Take advantage of the most powerful routing and tracking e-mail platforms in Europe!

Thanks to our platforms, you can manage your email campaigns:

  • in complete independence: direct access to the platform
  • with complete efficiency: stop fearing excessively severe anti-spam filters
  • in total transparency: direct access to the results

Either you possess your own file or you hire files. In both cases, the most powerful emailing platforms in Europe are available to you.

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Here is an overview of their functionalities:

1. Gathering and importing data and email addresses

  • Automatic or manual importing,
  • Importing from Excel, Access, text files, etc.
  • Addresses extracted from text or by cutting and pasting,
  • Standard or parameterisable fields (for example: gender, first name, name, etc.)
  • Analysis and correction of domain names, syntax of addresses, ...
  • De-doubling on import or post-import (3 modes available),
  • Display of subscriber statistics in real time,
  • Creation, modification and sorting of databases by a system of filters.

2. Analysis and correction of databases

3. Market segmentation and targeting

  • Segmentation of the targets of your campaigns by filters,
  • Targeting possible on all the criteria of the database,
  • Targeting on the clicking behaviour of your previous campaigns,
  • Cross referencing according to file criteria and clicking behaviour.
  • Creation of or importing html and/or text messages,
  • Insertion of tracked links with general dashboard,
  • Customisation according to database criteria or fixed values,
  • Parameterisable origin, recipient and response address.

4. Preparing and sending the message

5. Tracking and transmission statistics

  • Details of mails sent and aborted (with causes)
  • Opening rate (with identification)
  • Click-through rate (with identification)
  • Conversion rate (with identification)
  • Transfer rate (with identification)
  • Tracking of links opened on several transmissions
  • Exporting statistics to MS Excel files,
  • Recording campaigns and their statistics on line.